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Netgear extender setup

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It is of utmost importance to change the network SSID, password, and other security protocols as soon as you buy a new router or an extender. This thing needs to be done once you go through the Netgear extender setup process.  This will help you in restricting unauthorized access to your network at the end of nearby individuals.  Thus, the method to change the security settings of your wireless network is listed below.

Note: the procedure given below applies specifically to EX7000.

To change the settings:

1.  Open the device on which through which you have performed the Netgear extender setup        

2.  As soon as the network is established, you will see a solid green light on the extender.       

3.  Now, you need to launch a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.       

4.  In its search bar, you need to enter "" and press "Enter".       

5.  When the login page opens, type your email and password.       

6.  Select the "Log In" option.       

7.  Once the Netgear genie page opens, click "Settings".       

8.  Next up, choose "Wireless Settings".       

9.  On the next page, enter your new network name ie the SSID.       

10.  Now, navigate to the wifi password setting.   

11.  And, select the "Use a different password" option.   

12.  When asked, select the desired "Security Type".   

13.  Type in your new password or passphrase and complete the verification.   

14.  Review all the details or note them down.   

15.  Finally, click "Save" to apply the new changes.   

You may also configure these settings right after using the Netgear installation assistant in order to prevent the unauthorized access of individuals to your network.  



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